Launching ChainScore DAO

With the launch on Mainnet, we have formed ChainScore DAO, focused on building tools and protocols towards enabling risk-regulation in DeFi.

ChainScore DAO is being formed with the following goals —

  • Develop open-source tools, frameworks, and resources to ease integrating credit data,
  • Support projects/tools that are working towards risk or safer DeFi, technically and financially, with grants/funding from ChainScore treasury.
  • DAO shall also onboard new projects to work on Safer DeFi by sponsoring hackathons and developing incubating programs.
  • Increase awareness about different DeFi Risks such as market illiquidiation, underlying collateral risks, and more

Join Now:

We are using SnapShot to have gas-less transactions for multi-chain $SCORE tokens.

About Snapshot

Snapshot is a decentralized voting system. Several communities in the DeFi space use it to manage their governance process. The project uses ‘off-chain’ signing techniques to reduce voting transactions fees.




Credit Rating Protocol for DeFi

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Credit Rating Protocol for DeFi

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